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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yahoo needs improvements

Jon Oltsik has posted an article "What the heck is Yahoo thinking?". In the article, he talks about some of the blunders yahoo do in their day to day things. I have a list of features in which yahoo lacks, as a web-mail account holder and a domain name registrar. Here is what they lack IMO:
  • No https mail access: Due to this, I the yahoo webmail account is too insecure to use for serious stuff. That is why I use gmail almost exclusively.
  • You can login to you yahoo account insecurely: Somehow, (By default) yahoo still uses plaintext OR simple encoding to send the password during login. By contrast, gmail & even MSN never does this. The danger is compounded by the fact that you can use the same password to access your domains registered under yahoo. This means, in the worst case, somebody can access your domain management OR even register some new domains in your own name.
  • Mail search is not good: It is very bad compared to gmail. I like the gmail style of refining my search step by step. In yahoo, it is too painful.