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Saturday, January 07, 2006

AllPeers: cool Firefox extension coming up!!

AllPeers is an exciting new Firefox extension under development. It is IM+filesharing built into Firefox!! Checkout some of the screenshots here. These extensions are making the browser a platform to watch out for. I guess Firefox as a browser will be taking off with these nifty extensions and support from Google. I have been using Firefox since its launch. I used to like using Opera overall but their I didn't like Opera's intrusive ads. Since my switchover, I have been using Firefox exclusively. Here are the extensions I am using currently.
  1. Inspect Element: Quite a nifty tool to explore the design of a web-page you are browsing. I also use it extensively for debugging and testing out my designs.
  2. Adblock: Its a must have :)
  3. post: Easy way to bookmark in You need not type your password for every browser session.
  4. Highlighter: You can highlight text in web pages. Nice to use when you are reading a big article online.
  5. Feedview: Click on RSS feed links and you get a nice readable display on your browser.
  6. Google Pagerank Status: View Pagerank of the web-page on the statusbar. I don't use the Official Google Toolbar since it uses too much screen real-estate.
  7. SearchStatus: Displays Alexa and Google rankings. Also able to provide easy way for finding out other interesting info like whois, meta-tags, keyword density, robots.txt etc.
  8. Gmail Delete Button: Adds a Delete button to your Gmail.
  9. QuickJava: Enable/disable Java or Javascipt in one click.
  10. Read Easily: Disable/enable stylesheets in one click.
  11. Aardvark: Nice webpage exploration tool.
  12. Tamper Data: Enables viewing/tampering HTTP request headers sent by Firefox. I used it to pick my Proxy-authorization header to add it to my wgetrc.
Even I didn't realise I was using these many extensions. Anyway, I hope it is an archive for me and a reference for anybody.


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